Custom Clearance is a very important aspect of the Supply Chain, especially in countries with strict customs and excise laws. Lack of knowledge regarding local customs regulations and improper handling of customs documentation can cause delayin the supply chain process resulting in major losses and legal wrangles. We offer complete Import and Export Clearance Services to at all major air and sea ports in India.

We combine extensive customs clearing and forwarding experience with the latest in information technology. We adhere to strict customs compliance and quality policy for all our operations; thereby eliminating delays and providing reliable service to our customers worldwide.

Our Services in Customs Clearing Include

  • Guidance on Import Policy
  • Notification Benefits
  • Preferential Trade Benefits
  • Duty Structure, etc.


Import Services

  • Regular Shipment ( Home Consumption – Duty paid)
  • EPCG/FMS/FPS/VKGUY/SHIS/SFIS/Advance License Shipments
  • 100% EOU/STPI/SEZ/TP for Ships spare-parts/ R&D Certificate/Pass book scheme
  • Project Import ClearanceFlight details/ pre-arrival notice
  • Direct delivery for perishable & Specific Cargo
  • Re-import after repairs/ exhibition
  • Third country export clearance
  • High seas sale shipment clearance
  • Second hand capital Goods
  • Courier clearance
  • Under free shipping bill


Export Services

  • Under Claim for duty drawback (All Industry rate/brand rate) of dutiable goods
  • Under EPCG ( Export promotion capital goods)
  • Co-ordination with various authorities such as Inspection Agencies, Consulates, Quota authorities,Insurance companies etc.
  • Securing Export Benefits on behalf of shippers.
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